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5325302026 Snap Server GuardianOS NDMP Software License for Workgroup

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Manufacturer: Overland Storage
Manufacturer Part No: 5325302026
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Centralized Backup and Recovery

Product Description:

The NDMP Module easily integrates with BakBone NetVault to maximize the benefits of the Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP). The NDMP Module enhances backup performance and maximizes data transfer over the network, while maintaining centralized backup administration, and providing fast, online backup and restore of data. Available for UNIX, Windows, and Linux, the NDMP Module provides a full-featured solution for NAS devices including local backup, automation control, direct access restores, and Dynamically Shared Devices.

Central Management and Easy-to-Use Interface
The NDMP Module simplifies control of NAS environments with a common backup and restore solution that provides centralized management via an interactive GUI.

Support for Heterogeneous Server Environments
Enjoy seamless interoperability in a mixed server environment of UNIX, Windows, and Linux operating systems and NAS devices.

Multiple Backup Configuration Options
Increase NAS and network availability by defining NDMP-based backup functions to meet your existing storage environment. The NDMP module supports all five data transfer models: 1) Snap Server data to local Snap Server attached tape devices 2) Snap Server data to tape devices attached to the BakBone NetVault server or a SmartClient 3) Direct open systems client data to tape devices attached to a Snap Server 4) Snap Server data to a remote tape device attached to another Snap Server 5) Snap Server to an NDMP-compliant network attached tape device.   

Fast Indexing of Backup
Optimize your backups with selectable index options. Enhanced options include writing the index to media or the NetVault: Backup database after a backup completes.

Included with Snap Server 650, 520, and 510; optional for Snap Server 410, 210, and 110.

Technical Specifications:

Customer Needs

Centralize backup of Snap Servers to a central Snap Server over the network with the ability to maximize usage of centrally located tape drives and media.

Reduce administrative, hardware and software licensing costs.

Key Differentiators
Integrated into GuardianOS, scalable, simple to use yet comprehensive.

Product Compatibility
Included with: Snap Server 510, 520, 550, 650
Optional with: Snap Server 110, 210, 410

System Requirements
Snap Server systems with Guardian OS 2.6 or higher, General Purpose Servers with Pentium III 133 MHz, 128MB RAM, Java Virtual Machine V1.4.1 or higher.

Supported Platforms
Server/Client Platforms: Alpha Linux, HP Tru64, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux Kernel, NCR MP-RAS, SGI Irix, Solaris, Windows NT/2000.
Client Platforms:Windows 95/98/ME

90 days (as part of GuardianOS or as licensed option).



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