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SnapServer Overland Care 1yr Renewal, yr2 , Snap 500 Series EWCARE1R-S500

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Manufacturer: Overland Storage SnapServer
Manufacturer Part No: EWCARE1R-S500


Many Overland products are eligible for enhanced Overland Care maintenance options to augment and/or extend the standard limited warranty. Specially priced multi-year and single year Overland CARE support upgrades are available to protect your investment for the life of the product.

Overland CARE maintenance provides:

  • Next business day advance replacement delivery of desktop products and/or Customer Replaceable Spares (CRS).
  • Next business day on-site installation of non-customer replaceable spares.

For products beyond the limited warranty coverage, Overland Care maintenance also provides:

  • 5x9 Technical Telephone Support during Overland Business hours excluding recognized public and company holidays.
  • Software maintenance including operating system upgrades as they are made available.

Overland CARE service provides Advance Hardware Replacement or On site hardware replacement  of defective Spare Parts or Products, access to Overland Telephone Technical support and Software Maintenance for qualified Overland products.

Customer Replaceable Spares (CRS) or whole unit replacement:    
Applies to all product failures where the identified defect is a Customer Replaceable Spare part or entire unit.   Customer Replaceable Spare parts include drives, power supplies, fan assemblies, and certain interface cards.   All Customer Replaceable Spares come with complete, easy to use installation instructions.   All replacement products or Spare Parts will be shipped the same day after verification of entitlement and determination of problem provided that problem determination occurs prior to 3:00PM local time at the support center.  All shipments will be made using common carriers for Next Business Day delivery.  Additional delays due to customs clearance may occur and are beyond the control of Overland.  If problem determination occurs after 3:00PM or on weekends or holidays the replacement product will ship on the next Overland business day.  Delivery times are subject to regional limitations as detailed below. 

On Site FRU Replacement:  
Applies to all product failures where the identified defect is a Non Customer Replaceable Spare.  In this case Overland will dispatch a service technician to your site to replace the defective part on the next business day provided that problem determination occurs prior to 3:00PM local time at the support center.  Non Customer Replaceable Spares include chassis assemblies, processors, and certain interface cards.  On Site FRU replacement is limited to customers located within 100 miles of an Authorized Overland Service center.  Customers with CARE coverage who are outside of this service zone will be shipped the FRU and Overland Technical support will assist with the installation over the phone or Overland may, at its sole discretion, choose to ship an entire replacement product. 

Regional Limitations: 
Next Business day delivery is limited to the continental US, countries of the European Union, and Singapore.  Some limitations or delivery delays due to product location, import / export, or other governmental restrictions may apply.  The following geographical areas will have limitations or delays in receiving advance replacement product:  Asia Pacific , India, Russia, Eastern Europe (non EU) Middle East, Central and South America, Africa.  Other areas may also have restrictions or delays.  Please contact your Overland customer support representative for more details.

Defective product must be returned to Overland and received within fifteen (15) days:
Failure to return any Product, Spare Part, or Accessory to the Overland Storage designated address for receipt within 15 days of delivery of its advanced replacement Product, Spare Part, or Accessory will be considered a breach of the Terms and Conditions of the Warranty.  Overland Storage shall be entitled to invoice the customer for the full price of the replacement Product, Spare Part, or Accessory and suspend any Services until such Product, Spare Part, or Accessory is received by Overland or its authorized agent, or the delinquent Product, Spare Part, or Accessory is purchased by the customer.  All invoices for replacement Product, Spare Part, or Accessory not returned within the 15-day return period will be considered due and payable upon receipt.  Acceptance of these terms and conditions by the customer shall occur within the Warranty Registration Process where the customer shall grant Overland Storage or its authorized agent the right to affect such invoice for payment of non-returned material following receipt of its replacement.

Software Maintenance Coverage:  
Overland CARE services purchased as a Support Upgrade, Renewal, or Extension include Standard 5x9 business day Telephone technical support and Software Maintenance for the period of the upgrade. Software maintenance for Supplemental Software products such as Snap EDR or SSM  are NOT included under primary product coverage agreements and must be purchased separately.  Coverage for these products must be concurrent with the primary product coverage.  See below for a detailed description of Software Maintenance entitlements.


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