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LTO-5 External Tape Drive by Overland Storage - LTO5, Half Height (HH) SAS Ultrium Tape Drive (IBM) 1.5TB Native/3TB Compressed Part# OV-LTO101006

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Manufacturer: Overland Storage
Manufacturer Part No: OV-LTO101006

LTO-5 SAS External Half-Height (HH)Tape Drive (Standalone) Overland Storage made by IBM- 1.5TB/3.0TB Capacity Part # OV-LTO101006


  • Helps reduce costs with lower power consumption, consolidation and space reduction
  • Supports media partitioning on LTO Ultrium 5 Media and new IBM Linear Tape File System technology
  • Nearly doubles the cartridge capacity of previous generation in a small half height form factor
  • Designed to address backup and archiving requirements with lower cost implementation

Data Sheet:
Overland Storage LTO-5 External HH SAS Tape Drive made by IBM Data Sheet pdf - Click Here

Common Features:

  • Features the new IBM Ultrium 5 Tape Drive in a half height form factor
  • Supports partitioning on Ultrium 5 Media and new IBM Linear Tape File System technology
  • IBM Ultrium 5 technology continues to support encryption of data and WORM operations
  • Adheres to the widely supported LTO specification, which promotes standardization and allows for multiple media and drive providers
  • Designed to provide higher capacity to address the most demanding backup and archiving requirements
  • Compatible with major operating systems and ISV applications
  • Uses advanced technologies designed to optimize throughput, increase cartridge capacity and provide superior data protection

Hardware Features:

  • Maximum Storage Capacity up to 3.0 TB with 2:1 compression
  • Native data transfer rate of 140 MBps
  • Adheres to widely supported Linear Tape-Open (LTO) standards
  • 6 Gbps SAS connectivity available
  • Dual SAS port and one Ethernet port
  • New enclosure design allows two units to be mounted side by side in a 19-inch IBM server rack
  • External stand-alone or rack-mountable unit

Available Configurations Model 3580 H5S—One IBM Ultrium 5 Tape Drive, 6 Gbps SAS interface
Part Number: OV-LTO101006

Tape Drive Type IBM LTO Ultrium 5

Physical Capacity 1.5 TB Native; 3.0 TB with 2:1 compression

Number of tape drives 1

Number of tape cartridges 1

Data transfer rate Up to 140 MBps native

Media Type IBM LTO 5 Data Cartridge Part # 46X1290
IBM LTO Cleaning Cartridge Part # 35L2086

Weight 4.3 kgs

Power requirements 100 - 240 V ac, 50 - 60 Hz autoranging

Dimensions 21.3 cm W × 5.8 cm H × 33.2 cm D (8.39 in × 2.29 in × 13.07 in)

Warranty Three-year Limited Warranty

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