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NEO 200s 12-Slot LTO-4 HH SAS 2U Tape Autoloader P/N: OV-LNS101703 by Overland Storage

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Manufacturer Part No: OV-LNS101703
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NEO S Series - NEO 200s Automated Tape Library/ Autoloader

There is no such thing as a tight fit for the NEO 200S. Deployed in a 2U form factor, the NEO 200S is built for duty in tight quarters or for departmental applications. This entry-level capability will still impress as it scales up to 72 TB and includes the latest LTO technology (LTO-5). With flexible configuration and trademark Overland reliability, the NEO 200S can stand up anywhere.


Designed for offices with limited space, limited resources and limited budgets, the NEO S family of automated tape libraries delivers simple, affordable unattended backup, disaster recovery and archive.

Regardless of whether youre a small office, medium- sized business or distributed network environment, NEO S solutions meet a variety of backup and archive needs. While NEO S configurations vary by capacity and feature set, reliability, simplicity and affordability are at the heart of every NEO S model.

Packaged in a compact 2u form factor, the NEO 200S delivers the entry-level capability needed by most small and medium sized businesses. Available in two models, a 12-cartridge autoloader and a 24-cartridge library, the NEO 200S provides up to 72TB of backup and archive capacity.


  • Capacity up to 72 TB
  • Compact 2U form factor
  • Performance up to 2 TB/hr
  • SCSI, SAS & Fibre Channel configurations
  • Easily integrated with disk-based backup
  • Effortless upgrade from 12 to 24 cartridges

Datasheet - PDF

     Overland Storage NEO 200s Datasheet - CLICK HERE

Technical Specifications

Drives and Media Type

Drives: LTO-3, LTO-4, LTO-5
Media Type: LTO-3 Ultrium, LTO-4 Ultrium, LTO-5 Ultrium


LTO-3 Compressed capacity :
9.6TB (12 cart.), 19.2TB (24 cart.)

LTO-4 Compressed capacity :
19.2TB (12 cart.), 38.4TB (24 cart.)

LTO-5 Compressed capacity:
36TB (12 cart), 72TB (24 cart)


Interface: Ultra 320 LVD SCSI, 3Gbs SAS, 4Gb FC ,
6 Gbs SAS (LTO-5), 8 Gbs FC (LTO-5)
Warranty/Service 1 year


Number of cartridges: 12-24
Number of drives per module: 1-2

Physical Specifications

Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.4 x 18.9 x 31.7 in. (8.7 X 48 X 80.6 cm)
Shipping Weight: 32.9. lbs.(14.9 kg)


LTO-3 Compressed transfer* rate (GB/hr.): 864 GB/hr. (assuming 2 tape drives)
LTO-4 Compressed transfer* rate (GB/hr.): 1.2 TB/hr. (assuming 2 tape drives)
LTO-5 Compressed transfer* rate (GB/hr.): 2 TB/hr (assuming 2 tape drives)

Part Numbers / Description

Autoloaders Add-ons  
OV-LNS101700 LTO-3, 12 cartridge, 1 drive (SCSI) OV-LNS901700 LTO-3, Add-on drive (HH, SCSI)
OV-LNS101701 LTO-3, 12 cartridge, 1 drive (SAS) OV-LNS901701  LTO-3, Add-on drive (HH, SAS)  
OV-LNS101704 LTO-3, 24 cartridge, 1 drive (SCSI) OV-LNS901702 LTO-4, Add-on drive (HH, SCSI)
OV-LNS101705 LTO-3, 24 cartridge, 1 drive (SAS) OV-LNS901703 LTO-4, Add-on drive (HH, SAS)
OV-LNS101702 LTO-4, 12 cartridge, 1 drive (SCSI) OV-LNS901704 LTO-4, Add-on drive (FH, FC)
OV-LNS101703 LTO-4, 12 cartridge, 1 drive (SAS) OV-LNS901709 LTO-5, Add-on drive (HH, SAS) 
OV-LNS101706 LTO-4, 24 cartridge, 1 drive (SCSI) OV-LNS901710 LTO-5, Add-on drive (FH, FC) 
OV-LNS101707   LTO-4, 24 cartridge, 1 drive (SAS)    
OV-LNS101708    LTO-4 24 cartridge, 1 drive (FC) Accessories  
OV-LNS101712   LTO-5 12 cartridge, 1 drive (SAS) OV-LNS901706 NEO 200S left-side magazine
OV-LNS101713 LTO-5 24 cartridge, 1 drive (SAS) OV-LNS901708 NEO 200S/400S right-side magazine
OV-LNS101714 LTO-5 24 cartridge, 1 drive (FC) OV-LNS901714 NEO 200S 12 to 24 slot upgrade
    OV-AW186A NEO S Encryption Kit
    OV-AW187A NEO S Expansion Kit
    OV-SAS901711 LTO-5 SAS connectivity kit
    OV-LNS901009 LTO-5 media, 5-pack with labels
    OV-LNS901010 LTO-5 media, 20-pack without labels

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