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5325302025 GuardianOS Snapshot Software License - Workgroup. For Snap Server 110, 210 & 410

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Optional snaphot techology enables immediate or scheduled point-in-time images of the file system.

Snapshot technology integrated into GuardianOS enables users to take instant, disk-based point-in-time images of any volume on a GuardianOS-powered Snap Server. Take immediate or scheduled images of the file system without disrupting users. To restore files, copy the data from the snapshot back into the live volume.


  • Momentarily pauses live volume to capture the most complete snapshot, while maintaining read/write access for users
  • Can accommodate multiple concurrent snapshots
  • Read-only access allows users to recover files without modifying the snapshot
  • Reduces costs while enhancing data availability
  • Integrated into GuardianOS; just turn it on for Snap Server 110, 210, 410

Customer Needs:

Snapshots provide virtual point-in-time backup data with minimal storage usage and automation.


Reduces administrative intervention required to restore individual end-user files, increases application availability, minimize space usage required for backups.

Key Features:

  • Instant virtual volume - The snapshot instantly captures a copy of the live volume.
  • Point-in-time image - The snapshot is a virtual image of the live volume as it appeared at the point-in-time when the snapshot was captured. It creates a nearly instant map of pointers to the actual blocks of data found in the live volume.
  • Disk-based storage - The snapshot images are stored entirely on disk. Blocks of data that have not changed since the completion of the snapshot remain in the live volume, while the original contents of data blocks that have changed are stored in designated "snapshot" spaces.
  • Sustained client access to the live volume - With the exception of a momentary pause as the live volume is frozen and captured in the snapshot image, network clients maintain read/write access.
  • Read-only access to the snapshot volume - Users have read-only access to the individual snapshot volumes. Since these snapshot images are true point-in-time copies of live volumes, users cannot manually modify them, protecting the snapshot from inadvertent user error.
  • Performance maintained during concurrent snapshots - The GuardianOS server can accommodate multiple concurrent snapshots per unit while continuing to maintain optimal performance.

Product Compatibility:

Included with Snap Server 650 and 520; optional for Snap Server 410, 210, and 110.


30 days


Snapshots can provide the following application benefits:

  • Online backup
  • Reduced backup window with the use of Snapshots and data management applications
  • Instant recovery of user data
  • Offline volume for reporting and revision testing


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