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5325302027 GuardianOS iSCSI Target Software License - Workgroup. For Snap Server 110, 210 & 410

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Manufacturer: Overland Storage
Manufacturer Part No: 5325302027
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With the Snap Server 110, 210 and 410, you can easily store database, email, and file-level data on a single server. The iSCSI support option in the GuardianOS platform allows you to secure manage, store, and distribute block data across your Ethernet network using industry-standard iSCSI initiators.

Included with Snap Server 650 and 520; optional for Snap Server 410, 210, and 110.

Technical Specifications:

iSCSI Software Initiator Support

  • Windows: Microsoft iSCSI Initiator v1.03, v1.04, v1.05, v1.06, v2.02, v2.04
  • Solaris: Cisco SN 5400 Series iSCSI Driver v3.3.5
  • Linux: RHEL 3 & 4 and SLES 9: Built-in Initiator; Redhat 7.3 & 9.0: UNH-iSCSI Initiator v1.5.3
  • NetWare: NetWare Initiator 6.5 SP1
  • emBoot Bootable iSCSI Software for Windows
  • VMWare ESX v3.0 in-box iSCSI Initiator

iSCSI Hardware Initiator Support

  • Intel PRO/1000T IP Storage Adapter v2.0, 2.1
  • Alacritech SES1001 iSCSI Adapter
  • QLogic QLA4010 iSCSI Initiator


iSCSI software allows Snap Servers to function as block level storage over Ethernet in addition to file services provided by file-based network protocols.

Microsoft Exchange/SQL Server, Oracle, and other applications that generate significant data growth can be consolidated on a Snap Server through the use of iSCSI.

Snap Servers can easily provision storage between file and block services allowing greater flexibility with storage investments in Snap Server expansion.


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