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Client Data Backup and Recovery

Easy-to-Use, Flexible, Cross-Platform Solutions Protect Critical Remote Office and Mobile Client Data

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Key Features

- Comprehensive solutions suite for backup and recovery of client desktops and mobile PCs

- Data and systems backup anywhere, across the network

- Cross-platform centralized storage depository

- Scalable, reliable, and highly available network-based backup solutions are appropriate for users, workgroups, and entire departments

- Cost-effective data protection

Protecting Critical Client Data Ensures Business Continuity

Enterprises face the challenge of ensuring they have a thorough, comprehensive data protection strategy for all levels of the organization. Remote offices and mobile employees increase the number of computing and network platforms and provide greater opportunity for valuable data to be lost through inadequate protection. A solution that can easily back up and recover lost files or entire client system images provides peace of mind, reduces administrative expenses, and increases productivity by ensuring fast recovery of lost data.

The Challenge: Managing and Protecting Client Data

A recent International Data Corp (IDC) study found that while 60% of corporate data resides on distributed systems such as desktop and laptop computers, less than 30% of users regularly backup their data. Many IT organizations focus on protecting centralized data while critical business functions migrate to mobile computing applications. For remote offices, field sales teams, POS transactions, and other forms of decentralized data, protection and recovery are as critical as they are for the corporate data center. In every business, the risk of data loss is intolerable at any level. Imagine the CEO’s laptop is stolen in an airport, or imagine a home user contracts a virus. How long before he or she is back up and running, exactly as they were before? Can the operation be performed remotely? What is the opportunity cost of reacting to this sudden challenge, in man hours and downtime?

The Solution: Snap Servers Offer the Most Cost-Effective Data Protection for Distributed Storage

Snap Server™ by Adaptec offers businesses and consumers a comprehensive suite of solutions for backup and recovery of lost data on client desktop and mobile PCs due to hardware failure, file corruption or media damage. Using the maturity and proliferation of IP-based networks, Snap Servers enable many clients to backup and recover their data  and system images, at the same time across any Ethernet network.

How it Works

Snap Servers are an excellent technology for enabling a business continuity strategy for client-based data. There’s no need for external backup and recovery processes, or to manually place data on the server. Users can recover what they need themselves, which lowers both help desk costs and operating expenses. Snap Servers work with a variety of backup solutions, including these popular client data protection products:

StorAssure Personal Edition

StorAssure Personal Edition by Adaptec is an easy-to-use, robust solution for automatically and continuously protecting valuable information on desktop and laptop systems. It immediately saves file changes to Snap Servers without user interruption, and is optimized for laptops with offline file logging and battery saving features. Easy-to-use configuration wizards simplify data protection.

Microsoft Native Client Backup

Standard accessory for Microsoft Windows clients. A point-in-time backup of entire client folders, files, and some key system files. Backups can also be scheduled at regular intervals.

BakBone NetVault

GuardianOS™ by Adaptec includes a local backup software package from BakBone that allows a Snap Server to function in several different ways. First, it can be a tape server, managing jobs and moving data directly to a local SCSI-attached tape or tape library. Secondly, with the included 500GB Virtual Tape Library license, it can be a virtual disk library, allowing data to be moved to Snap Server disk space as if the disk were tape. And thirdly, NetVault integrates with other NetVault clients to perform multiple backup tasks in a distributed environment.

Dantz Retrospect Express

For Microsoft and Macintosh clients. This application schedules regular operating system backups to ensure that the system structure and files are backed up to a Snap Server on the network. In case of a system failure the machine can be booted from a floppy disk or from the installation CD; the client will be automatically recovered from the most recent backup held on the Snap Server. Individual folders and files can also be restored.


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