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Long Distance Disaster Recovery with Snap Enterprise Data Replicator
Ensure Data Availability Throughout Your Organization

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Key Features

- Move data reliably, securely, andcost-effectively across longdistances for end-to-end datarecovery

- Optimized network usage features,including bandwidth throttling anddata compression, provides effective data replication even over high-latency WAN connections

- Automated, process- and policybased data protection

- Centralized control of data movement throughout the organization

- Integrated security features, including authentication and encryption, ensure data integrity

- Provides cross-platform support and heterogeneous data movement for Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Snap Servers

- Optional features available for - Remote Data Inventory and Migration

With the current nature of the business world and the costs associated with anydisruptions to data access, protecting information assets by storing local and even regional copies of data is no longer sufficient. Recent power grid outages and other regional events have highlighted the need for a distant remote “3rd site” backup to ensure your most critical data is available even in the case of events that knock out regional operations. For example, the SEC now recommends that financial services companies maintain a distant remote copy of data in addition to local backups, and the need is just as great in other industries. Moving data reliably, securely and cost-effectively across long distances has become a business imperative. Snap EDR by Adaptec provides the most efficient and secure method available today to move data for long distance disaster recovery protection.

How it works:

Processes, policies and schedules are set up through the Snap EDR Management Console, a central web-based control module. Processes are executed by Snap EDR Agents, small software agents that reside on all Snap Server by Adaptec, Windows, UNIX, and Linux systems involved in the process. On a daily or more frequent basis, Snap EDR Agents detect changes to data on primary and secondary site servers and efficiently move that data over wide area network (WAN) connections to the Snap EDR or other target server at the secondary site. Snap EDR was designed from the start to handle the unique challenges of controlling and moving data in long distance disaster recovery (LDDR) initiatives, such as:

• Effective replication over high-latency WAN connections

• Secure transfer over public networks

• Firewall navigation

• Support for heterogeneous systems — Windows, UNIX and Linux

Central Control

Snap EDR provides a central, single point for control and movement of data anywhere in the world with scalability to connect thousands of server systems.

Network Efficient

Snap EDR is ideal for movement of data over any type of network. Where bandwidth is limited, Snap EDR can apply bandwidth throttles and use differential data transfer to send only the bytes of files that have changed. Where bandwidth is plentiful, Snap EDR can use multi-threading to send multiple streams of data simultaneously through multiple IP links. In every case, Snap EDR optimizes network utilization.

Complete Security and Data Integrity

To ensure that even the most sensitive data can be consolidated over public networks with confidence, Snap EDR provides integrated security features that provide complete data protection:

• Strong authentication between hosts utilizing x.509 digital certificates

• Access control using local or domain user authentication

• Four selectable levels of encryption including 3DES and AES

• Checksum, checkpoint, and rollback features to ensure complete data integrity

• Certified delivery for proof of delivery, and full logging for audit trail

• Full preservation of ownership of files on central site

Integrated, Automated Operation

Snap EDR integrates with other applications and automates pre- and post-transfer processes for complete end-to-end long distance disaster recovery automation.

Multiple restore options exist for full and selective restore of data in the case of an outage, including the use of prompted restoration routines.

Bringing Control to Remote Data

Long distance disaster recovery is just one of many Snap EDR applications that enable IT professionals to bring control to remote data. Snap EDR can also be used to consolidate remote backups, automate remote archive, automatically distribute data and content to remote sites, and keep information synchronized.


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