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Overland NEO 400s Q2 Autoloader Promotion - Save up to 40%

 Save 40% on all NEO 400s Autoloaders - 400s for the price of a 200s
Overland Storage NEO 400s - SAVE 40%Save up to 40% and get a FREE upgrade!

Data storage challenges can be maddening! Overland Storage ensures you have a data solution that meets your storage and budget needs. With the NEO Free Upgrade promotion, you can save up to 40% and double your storage capability, making your NEOs tape library the biggest, fastest, most affordable mid-range data storage solution available.  During the month of march we have priced our NEO 400s Autoloaders at the corresponding price of the NEO 200s Autoloaders.  Hence, you are getting an additional 24 slots for FREE!

Offer expires June 30, 2011.
NEO 200s
TL 2000
Scalar i40
MSL 2024
NEO 400s LTO-4 SAS
NEO 400s LTO-4 FC
NEO 400s LTO-5 SAS
NEO 400s LTO-5 FC
NEOs libraries blow away the competition with features that ensure your data is available at a moment’s notice:
  • Capacities ranging from 4.8TB to 144TB

  • Data transfer rates ranging from 216GB/hr to 4TB/hr
  • Effortless media handling

  • Compact, rack-friendly 2U and 4U form factors


Offer: Upgrade to a NEO 400s 48-slot library for free.

Q: What is the NEOs Free Upgrade Promotion?
A: Customers interested in a NEO 200s, or comparable tape library, can purchase the NEO 400s at NEO 200s pricing. This provides superior capacity, performance, features and affordability compared to a smaller tape library and represents up to a $4,000 savings.

Q: What is the effective date of the NEO 400s Free Upgrade promotion?
A: The promotion is effective from 12:01am PDT on April 6, 2011 until 11:59pm PDT on June 30, 2011. ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY June 30, 2011. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Q: What NEO 400s library is eligible for the NEOs Free Upgrade promotion?
A: The following NEO 400s libraries are included in the Free Upgrade promotion:

 Part Numbers  Descriptions Promotional Pricing Customer Saves
 OV-LNS101709  NEO 400s, 48-slot, LTO-4 SCSI  $4,566  40%
 OV-LNS101710  NEO 400s, 48-slot, LTO-4 SAS  $4,313  40%
 OV-LNS101711  NEO 400s, 48-slot, LTO-4 FC  $5,805  20%
 OV-LNS101715  NEO 400s, 48-slot, LTO-5 SAS  $5,845  30%
 OV-LNS101720  NEO 400s, 48-slot, LTO-5 FC  $5,902  25%
*Prices good through June 30, 2011

Q: What is the process to obtain the promotional pricing on the NEO 400s?
A:”Free Upgrade” promotional pricing has been made available to SnapServer your Overland Storage reseller. Simply tell us you’re interested in a NEO 400s tape library and that you wish to receive the “Free Upgrade” promotional price. Note pricing has adjusted accordingly on the website

Q: Is there any limit to the number of NEO 400s libraries that I can order with the promotion?
A:No, there is no limit.

Q: If I already have a NEO 200s library (or other tape library), can I participate in this promotion?
A:Yes. Simply ask your reseller for the “Free Upgrade” promotional pricing if you are interested in purchasing a NEO 400s.


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