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Don’t give up the features you need just for the price that fits your budget - you can have it all with Overland Storage’s SnapServer NAS 410. Buy a 2TB SnapServer 410 NAS and we'll double your storage capacity for free!

Overland Storage SnapServer 410 Free Upgrade promotion

Ideal for businesses, the SnapServer 410 provides outstanding performance, ease of use, and data protection in a 1U rack mount network attached storage (NAS) server — all at a price you can afford

Plus, for a limited time, SnapServer makes it easy to get FREE capacity with your purchase. Buy a 2TB SnapServer NAS 410 and get a FREE upgrade to a 4TB SnapServer NAS 410! Hurry, this offer only lasts until August 15, 2011.

SnapServer NAS 410 is a 4-Drive Rackmount Storage with RAID Protection that is:

  • Simple: Centrally manage all of your SnapServers, locally or remotely, with SnapServer Manager.
  • Safe: replicate data to one or multiple SnapServers with Snap Enterprise Data Replicator (Snap EDR). Take point-in-time snapshots for flexible recovery.
  • Flexible: Easily serve  both file-and block-based data to Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac OS Clients.
  • Reliable: Maximize data availibility and protection with advanced RAID options.
Part Number Description
5325302029 SnapServer 410 2TB NAS by Overland Storage
5325302223 SnapServer 410 4TB NAS by Overland Storage

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