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Backup to Disk (D2D2T)

Backup to Disk - D2D2T

Backing up to disk is faster and less prone to human error than backing up directly to tape. Once saved to disk, the backups can be moved to tape outside of the backup window, avoiding the performance hits typically associated with direct-to-tape backups. This method also dramatically increases the speed of restores.

You can choose to use your existing backup server and familiar backup software, directing backups to a SnapServer prior to moving them to tapes. Backup software from Symantec, CA, and EMC can store backup data on a SnapServer by using standard network protocols or by using iSCSI.

Or you can use the SnapServer as a backup server, a cost-effective alternative. SnapServers run BakBone NetVault software and they come with client agents to protect networked Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac computers, as well as application servers such as Exchange and SQL Server. A 500GB VTL is even included for fast backups to disk and instant restores.

Up to 80% of business-critical data resides on desktops and notebooks.  Overland StorAssure continuously protects data on Windows computers, efficiently backing them up to the SnapServer when it's available. When disconnected, StorAssure queues the changes and delivers them to the SnapServer when a connection is again established.

Learn more about the following SnapServer products that support heterogeneous backup-to-disk:

19” Rack-Mount:

  • SnapServer 650
  • SnapServer 620
  • SnapServer 520
  • SnapServer 410

    Desktop Systems:
  • SnapServer 210
  • SnapServer 110

    Expansion Unit:
  • SANbloc S50 Chasis

  • Snap Enterprise Data Replicator (EDR)
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