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Storage for Businesses with Remote Sites (Distributed NAS)

Distributed NAS

If you have remote sites, SnapServers allow you to provide each of them with a storage system that is just the right size. Whisper-quiet desktop storage systems are powerful servers with 160GB to 1.5TB of disk capacity. Rack-mount SnapServers are even more powerful, and are modularly expandable from 1TB to 66TB with any combination of SAS and SATA drives.

Maintenance of remote storage systems is a breeze, even if you don't have IT personnel at each site, because SnapServers are legendary for their rock-solid reliability and ease of use. And SnapServer Manager allows you to easily administer and view the status of geographically dispersed SnapServers from a central location.

Move data securely between sites with the Snap EDR replication software that runs directly on the SnapServers. Push out price lists or inventory data to retail locations, collect financial data from remote offices, or continuously back up key remote servers to the central office to meet disaster recovery, compliance, or eDiscovery objectives.

19” Rack-Mount:

  • SnapServer 650
  • SnapServer 620
  • SnapServer 520
  • SnapServer 410

    Desktop Systems:
  • SnapServer 210
  • SnapServer 110

    Expansion Unit:
  • SANbloc S50 Chasis

  • Snap Enterprise Data Replicator (EDR)
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