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Overland Storage SnapServer DX 2TB HDD SATA Enterprise Class with Carrier for SnapServer DX1, DX2 and SnapExpansion OV-ACC902005

List Price: $425.00
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In Stock: Yes
Manufacturer: Overland Storage
Manufacturer Part No: OV-ACC902005

SnapServer 2TB Hard Drive with Carrier Enterprise-Class for SnapServer DX1 DX2 and SnapExpansion Unit Part # OV-ACC902005

SnapServer DX is the first data storage that you don’t have to provision. At the core of this revolution is DynamicRAID, a standards-based technology that gives you the ability to automatically expand storage pools and storage volumes independently, optimize your data protection levels and increase capacity with zero downtime. DynamicRAID provides the flexibility you need to manage your storage infrastructure without manual intervention, so that your business can grow without interruption. SnapServer DX is the simplest unified NAS and iSCSI SAN storage for modern business applications – from virtualized server and Microsoft Exchange environments to backup and storage consolidation. Built on the proven GuardianOS platform with integrated features like snapshots and replication, SnapServer DX lets any business run its storage like an enterprise, at one-tenth the cost. It’s storage as it should be.

SnapServer DX is the only rack-mount NAS unit in its class that expands to greater than 280TBs. Expand beyond any SnapServer DX system with the SnapExpansion chassis; a serial attached SCSI expansion chassis that allows you to add additional drive capacity to keep up with the most dynamic storage environments. Start with as few as two hard drives and seamlessly expand your storage pool as your business grows by adding up to an additional 94 SAS or SATA hard drives. You no longer have to purchase more storage than you need at any given time with the powerful combination of SnapServer DX and SnapExpansion.


SnapExpansion DX Series 2U 12-Bay (empty chassis) OV-EXP201004

Drive Options:

HDD - DX, 1TB SATA ENT w/Carrier, 4 Pack OV-ACC902001

HDD - DX, 1TB SATA ENT w/Carrier OV-ACC902003

HDD - DX, 2TB SATA ENT w/Carrier, 4 Pack OV-ACC902004

HDD - DX, 2TB SATA ENT w/Carrier OV-ACC902005

HDD - DX, 3TB SATA ENT w/Carrier, 4 Pack OV-ACC902006

HDD - DX, 3TB SATA ENT w/Carrier OV-ACC902007

HDD - DX2, 300GB 15K SAS w/Carrier, 4 Pack OV-ACC902025

HDD - DX2, 600GB 15K SAS w/Carrier, 4 Pack OV-ACC902027

HDD - DX2, 300GB 15K SAS w/Carrier OV-ACC902026

HDD - DX2, 600GB 15K SAS w/Carrier OV-ACC902028


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