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Centralized Data Protection for Remote Sites

Centralized Data Protection for Remote Sites

SnapServers are ideal for protecting vital business data in your central office, remote sites, and retail locations. They are reliable, easy to manage, and ensure that your data is safe and can be recovered quickly - regardless of what happens.

With Overland StorAssure, you can back up your desktops and notebooks to a SnapServer in your remote office. Using Snap Enterprise Data Replicator (EDR), you can continuously, securely, and efficiently replicate data from remote sites to your central office, whether the remote data resides on a SnapServer or a Windows, Linux, or UNIX server. Central office IT personnel can then protect it with established backup and restore procedures.

It's easier than you think to gain peace of mind, knowing your distributed enterprise is not at risk for catastrophic data loss, while reducing costs and increasing reliability of your branch office data protection.

Learn more about the following SnapServer products that support heterogeneous backup-to-disk:

19” Rack-Mount:

  • SnapServer 650
  • SnapServer 620
  • SnapServer 520
  • SnapServer 410

    Desktop Systems:
  • SnapServer 210
  • SnapServer 110

    Expansion Unit:
  • SANbloc S50 Chasis

  • Snap Enterprise Data Replicator (EDR)
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